Website Tips

Website Tips to make your website more enticing to potential clients: :: Be as mobile-friendly as possible! :: Make your blog posts and every page easy to find, easy to read- and interesting! :: Don’t overload your home page with content!

Godaddy temporary domain names

When you set up a temporary domain on Godaddy (non – Managed Hosting) the temporary name doesn’t do anything. It’s literally just a name. To reach the documents in your hosting account you have to use the IP address and the name of the cPanel as set by Godaddy proceeded by the tilde character “~”.

Photo Tip

In real time, our facial expressions go through a million “looks” an hour-(good, bad and “yikes”) so we can be captured at our worst moments during these candid shots. Add to it that cameras are often unkind. Practice what smile, pose, etc work best for you and put them to use every time someone whips

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