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Content Writer

Content Writer David Knight is Website Diner’s super talented content writer. David spent over 30 years managing and publishing local and national trade magazines. He also wrote, maintained and published manuals and training handbooks for companies such as United Airlines and Pan Am. David has helped our fellow business people with their website content needs

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Photo Tip

In real time, our facial expressions go through a million “looks” an hour-(good, bad and “yikes”) so we can be captured at our worst moments during these candid shots. Add to it that cameras are often unkind. Practice what smile, pose, etc work best for you and put them to use every time someone whips

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YouTube it!

You Tube is a great way to get more visibility. We can show you how to embed videos directly into your website- seamlessly! You’ll be using YouTube’s bandwidth, not yours- which is a real plus as well. We can also show you how to delete any competitor links that may show up at the end

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