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Blogging Tip

Want to share info with customers via your website blog but are short on time and/or don’t like to type? Verbally dictate an email through your smartphone then simply copy and paste!    

Black Thumb Wildlife

We just love this guy and what he does at Black Thumb Wildlife. He is a modern day Indiana Jones with Bees, Opossums or whatever is creeping you out. Working the Florida panhandle from Tallahassee through Panama City. Not just a rat hunter, but locally owned and operated by FSU Trained Biologist JAY AMMERMAN. The

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Your Domain Name

Your domain name – (example: is your business address on the web. This is a vital piece of real estate for your business, therefore it’s important that you purchase it and own it. Some problems we’ve seen with folks who don’t purchase their own domains: ”Some guy took my name and now he wants

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White’s Plumbing

I’m here in Whole Foods  with White’s Plumbing in Tallahassee, FL. We’re discussing how to bring the their website into the future as a marketing tool. Plumbing sites face one of the most competitive categories and need to be sharp.  There are a lot of great ideas being brought up and an enthusiasm to bring

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Sales Institute at FSU

I am here with Pat and Shannon of the FSU Sales Institute. We are working on their membership registration for the International Collegiate Sales Competition and finalizing the details before we go live. We are excited to be a part of this journey.  

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