Your Domain Name

Your domain name – (example: is your business address on the web. This is a vital piece of real estate for your business, therefore it’s important that you purchase it and own it.

Some problems we’ve seen with folks who don’t purchase their own domains:

  • ”Some guy took my name and now he wants thousands of dollars for it”!
    Before you “go public” with your name, make sure to buy it so no one else does. There are people out there who will register your name the moment you share it on Facebook, Yelp, Ebay, etc. and they will try to sell it to you for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Don’t let that happen to you- spend the $10 or $15 dollars NOW. Don’t want to build a website yet? No problem! You can wait as long as you’d like!
  • ”I had my web guy take care of it”.
    Most people have good intentions here. Typically this becomes a problem when your web person leaves town or changes business plans – (or if you’re the one who wants to drop them). Suddenly maintaining your domain name is a burden not planned on. We’ve had many folks come to us for help in getting their domain back. Trust us, you will be less stressed down the road if you own your domain name! Would you like help registering? Website Diner can help you to own your new domain name- in minutes!
  • Don’t let your domain name expire.
    That same guy who wants to buy your name before you do will be there to grab it if you let it lapse! Please don’t let that happen.
  • No need to spend a fortune.
    When you register your domain name, Godaddy will offer you a great deal on several variations for a discount price. Understand that Godaddy sells these names for a living and you should choose what you want and need. It isn’t a terrible idea, however to register your new domain for more than a year. Why? Google will take you more seriously, and that will help your SEO- (search engine optimization).

Below is a video that explains how your domain works and how to register it with It’s a little long and dry, but very comprehensive.


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